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Attention Campers:

Camp Hillbilly Fall News Letter 2018

What a wonderful summer we had!! Nice and warm almost all season.We all together have had the best camping Summer. At the same time, we take opportunity to thank all our new and long-time campers who stayed with us this summer, specially Members of recreation committee and all the volunteers for making this summer enjoyable for all of us.

With only 4 more weeks to go, we want to give you some information and reminders about closing, winter-season and 2019 season-fees.

We would like to remind you of some existing park rules.   Signs: Your site number must be installed on all trailers at eye level on the front of your trailer any questions see Alex. This will ensure we are reading and marking down the correct meter reading for your site, also this will assist emergency responders.

SEASON FEES: As October is quickly approaching, some campers are already making payments towards next season. The 2019 Season fees are as follows: $2550.00+tax ($331.50) = $2881.50

Deposit: it is due by October 1/2018 in the amount of $450.00 + Tax=$508.50. The deposit remains the same as last year. “If full deposit is not received your site will not be guaranteed for next year. Trailer and your belongings remaining on your unpaid site will be removed to a storage facility at the cost to the trailer owner, or moved outside of the park gates beside the Gravel pit and Tower road”.

Deal: If full payment for 2019 season done on or before Oct.01 discount will be honored. Ask in the Office.Full service Site fee for 2019 season $2550.00 +HST = $2881.50.

So, if you pay Deposit $508.50, your Balance will be $2373.00-Payble on or before May 01/2019

If you plan to remove your trailer from the campground, please let us know as soon as possible, so we know which sites are available for next year, maybe people in campground are interesting in buying your shed or deck -we will be happy to help you (no fee is Applied).

If you need to make arrangements for monthly or any payments over the winter, please contact Lana at the Office.

For the 2019 we enforce: Sign Seasonal agreement, proof of your actual address, Copy of your liability trailer insurance, email address and current phone numbers. This is mandatory Without this document you can not be permitted in the park. Some older Trailers have to be removed from the park, see Alex if you have any questions.

Who intend to remove their trailer next season and want to store for the winter in the park the cost will be $300.00 plus tax. These trailers must move in the designated area-please see the office.

Anyone wishing to change sites the cost is $300.00 plus tax.

Please inform office, one month in advance if you are taking your trailer out of the park if you wish to sell or give it away your shed, deck or sunroom we must ok it first! Your site must be cleaned when you leave. (The reason some sheds, decks and add a room are not reusable in this park.

Propane:  All expired propane tanks must be removed from the property. This is for yours and your neighbour’s safety. Trailer Inspection:  Trailers that are in a rundown condition or older than 15 years must pass a safety inspection at the cost of the owner this report must be provided to the office prior to the end of this season.

Permission is required from management before digging, adding sheds, building decks, cutting trees or tree branches or any fencing.

About the permit: The permit you take from the city must be close -and You have to arrange with the city. For not close permit city charge You: $175.00per year until the permit is not close.)

Any taxes, permit fees or changes resulting from these additions will be the responsibility of the camper.

Leaves: Please do not put brush, stones, used fire wood or any other matter with the leaves.  The leaves are to be kept separate from all other materials (Our employees are injuring their wrists by not expecting hard material with the leaves) One pile of leaves only per site along the road. Thanks for your help. 


The Campground closes on October 8th, 2018, so make sure you make all your closing arrangements before that date. After that you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO COME IN (not even to rake leaves).

If the weather will be permitted Alex will put on website the weekend when you can rake the leaves.

We will be open again for Winter Camping from December 24th, 2018 till March 25th, 2019. Snow removal is free -up to 2 hour and you are not allowing to use snowmobile or do campfire,

You must sign in and out from the park -failure to do so will be charge as a day camping.


You can sign up. Info at the store.

Winter Camping:

whether doing winter camping or just checking on your trailer. We require each family to sign up form prior to closing we will have a form to be completed. have valid insurance certificate for your snow mobiles. The cost remains the same as last year: $15.00 per site per day, extra $15.00 if you stay overnight.

You must still sign in prior to entering the park-FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH SIGNING IN EACH AND EVERY TIME WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF PRIVILEGES IN 2019 SEASON. If you bring anyone other than that has signed our waiver of liability, you become the sole responsible party for your guests. The front parking will still be plowed however the roads will not be. Anyone entering will do so at their own risk. Most of our campers are responsible and honest people. For those of you that do not follow these procedures, will be no further winter camping allowed in this park, you will ruin it for everybody. Snowmobiles are to be removed prior or on March 25. Administration needs help from everybody to avoid any infraction of the rules for winter camping. Your vehicle and trailers must remain in the front parking lot that will be plowed and the rest of the streets will not be, you will be entering at your own risk. The use of snowmobiles must be prior to dusk. Please do not go through anyone’s site, septic beds, or around any sensitive equipment.

Winterizing:  Only use proper plumbing antifreeze for winterizing your trailer. DO NOT USE any other substance to winterize your trailer! This will cause damage to our septic system as well as your holding tank.  Your co-operation is crucial.


Any services-like snow removal or winterizing your trailer, park not responsible for this service, you have to contact and pay directly to the service provider.


The second (and last) hydro bill for this season will be available in the store from Sep/13/2018, just in time to have it paid before the campground closes.

THE REC. COMMITTEE. +VOLUNTEERS: A big thank you is in place for our volunteers who helped out with cooking, karaoke, selling tickets, horse shoe, kid’s games, euchre and more. Again, next year we will have our kids around in the summer, so we hope that more volunteers will step forward to help out with the activities or we will not be able to offer some of them any more….

Please commit, even if only for one activity!

The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was a big success, we wish next year will be at list double people enjoying the dinner.

If you have any questions or concerns Alex will be happy to speak directly to you with explanation.

If you have any questions or concerns about any payments, Ask Lana Directly for explanation. 

Thank you very much for the time you lost reading this newsletter.

Camp HillBilly- your Family Vacation Destination & Yours Alex and Lana.

Electrical bill will be ready on Sep/13/2018  for payment.