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The Summer Season is right around the corner, and we are so ready for it.

From March 26st, 2019, the campground will be completely closed for everybody.

The park will be officially open on Wednesday May 1st 2019.  Weather permitting.

  We hope the frost will be gone from the grounds and the roads will by dry enough to drive on.  Let’s wish for a warm and dry April.  We will post the update with the exact opening date on our website and Facebook page.


The outstanding amount is due May 1st, 2019. If you don’t know the Balance owed please let us know we are here to help.

After Monday, May 1st, we will charge a $50.00 penalty for late payments plus the regular finance-charges. Access to the campground will be denied until everything is paid in full.

If you cannot be here on opening weekend, you can mail us a cheque for the outstanding balance to make sure we receive your payment on time.

The Best and easiest option is to send an email-money transfer.

- A reminder that we don`t accept credit-card payments for the site fee. You can pay by debit, cheque, email-money transfer, or cash.

- The N.S.F.-fee for a bounced cheque is $40.00.

- Visitors fees: $8.00/day, $15.00/night, $175.00/season pass. Please let us know if you want to pay for your guests. Please be reminded that your children (grandchildren), once they turn 18, are not covered by the season fee anymore.

They will have to pay the overnight fee or can buy a personal season pass for $175.00

- If you made any payments over the winter, you can pick up the receipts in the store.


There is a pile of wood again, waiting for you to buy. Please order AND pay for your fire-wood in the store. No firewood can be brought to the campground.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and we strongly advise not to move firewood from outside into the campground: to prevent the spreads of pests such as insects, plants and diseases!

TIP: buy your wood at the beginning of the season, pile it up on your site, and protect it against the rain.


Like last year, you can leave the leaves (no branches, stones, blocks, metal or garbage) in ONE big pile near the road and we will pick them up. Branches must be put in a separate pale beside the road (Last year we sustained a few injuries from branches and stones inside the leaf piles). we will not be picking up: stones, blocks, metal or Garbage from the sites.

Please get rid of all the junk that might have piled up behind or under your trailer over the years.

Your snowmobile(s) must to be picked up before March 25. Please Take utility-trailer home. You cannot leave them on your site during the summer.


Still thinking of upgrading your trailer, please be aware that this trailer cannot be older than 10 years:

Safety certified and approved by the office is must.

Also be reminded that we do not allow any more park-model trailers (with a peak roof) in the campground.


*Please come in the store prior to entering the campground, to have your gate-card re-activated.

*Any changes on your site (including decks and sheds) have to be discussed with us before you start.

*Please check the age of your propane tanks and make sure they are not outdated (10 years).

*A trailer older than 15 years cannot be resold in the campground.

*You can leave your spare trailer-key with us in case of an emergency.

*Please make sure the information we have on file is up to date: address, phone #, email address etc.

*The calendar of events is available on our website and in the store. 


If you have any questions or concerns Alex will be happy to speak directly to you with explanation.

If you have any questions or concerns about any payments, Ask Lana Directly for explanation. 

Thank you very much for the time you lost reading this newsletter.

Camp HillBilly- your Family Vacation Destination & Yours Alex and Lana.